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Hot Yoga Etiquette 

Before Class


  • Arrive before class starts - Class always starts on time, and there is no admittance after the teacher enters the room.


  • Sign in or scan in at the front desk. 


  • Practice silence in the yoga room. Our lobby is awesome for talking and dancing with friends... And we take song requests at the front desk. For real.


  • Do not bring the following into the hot room:
    • Gum
    • Colored beverages
    • Shoes or socks
    • Cell phones
    • Keys 


  • Mat and towel are required to practice. Bring your own, or rentals are $2 each.


  • Leave everything but your mat, towel, and bottled water in the changing rooms.


  • Deodorant is great. Cologne, perfume, or strongly-scented lotions are not. 


During Class


  • Breathe! That is the only requirement during your class.


  • Take good care of your self in the hot room. Take breaks when you need to by having a seat on your mat.


  • Try to stay in the room.


  • If you have to leave, that's ok. Try to do so quietly and between postures.


After Class


  • Leave the room quietly. Try not to disturb those who like a nice, long, quiet Savasana, or final relaxation.


  • Return mat rentals to the front desk. Towel rentals go in the hampers in the changing rooms after class.


  • Please do not wear outside shoes in the showers.

  • Make sure you leave with everything you came with. We donate items left in the Lost & Found on the 15th of each month and are not responsible for items left behind.