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Our Studio

Bikram Yoga Avondale Studio


We are so happy you've decided to do yoga at Onefire.


All of us at Onefire share a passion for Bikram Yoga and believe in its ability to affect positive change in people's lives.


Our certified Bikram Yoga teachers will encourage and inspire you to do your best. You’ll quickly feel welcomed by the friendly community of staff and students at Onefire. Our hope is that Onefire will become your home away from home - a place you can visit to be quiet, compassionate and aware with your self - a place for you to meet new people and make new friends.


Whether you have not exercised in a decade or a serious athlete, Bikram Yoga provides a challenging, engaging and effective way to improve your health and overall wellbeing. While we cannot guarantee your experience will be easy, we know that with determination and patience, you can change your life from the inside out - physically, emotionally and mentally. We've seen it happen countless times.



At Onefire, we make every effort to provide our students with a clean, comfortable, state of the art yoga studio. In April 2013, we took that to the next level and moved into a bigger and better location to provide our students an exceptional facility to practice Bikram Yoga.


We Love Clean

We take cleanliness seriously at Onefire – the entire studio is cleaned twice a day, every day! From door handles to the yoga room floor, nothing goes unattended. And our cleaning crew takes care of the studio as if it were their own home.


The Yoga Room

The yoga room is equipped with a state-of-the-art heating and ventilation system with fresh oxygen constantly being circulated throughout.


We installed special flooring in the yoga room that is designed for hot, humid environments. The carpet is stain-resistant, slip-resistant and completely waterproof. It has been treated with an anti-microbial agent that offers constant protection against bacteria. Most importantly, that means no funky smell in the yoga room!


Changing Rooms

They’re huge! The men's room has 2 showers, a spacious changing area and more personal storage cubbies.


In the women's room there are 3 showers, a spacious changing area, more personal storage cubbies and a separate vanity counter where you can comfortably get ready for work or a night out after your yoga class!


Other Amenities...

  • An in-house massage room staffed by Heidi Huffman, LMT (Click here to learn more)
  • A drinking fountain with bottle filler.
  • Comfortable lobby and reception area that is perfect for hanging out with your yoga friends and BYA Crew.
  • Open, easy-to-shop retail area stocked with the latest and greatest yoga apparel, gear, and accessories.
  • A bike rack at the studio’s entrance.