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Hot Yoga FAQ


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Is Bikram Yoga for me?


Why on earth would I do Bikram Yoga? Here's 15 reasons...


How often do I have to endure this class?


Why is the room so hot?


What if I feel sore after class?


Why would I want to do the same routine every time?


Am I too old or out of shape to do Bikram Yoga? I heard it was very intense.


Is Bikram Yoga a cardiovascular workout and can I lose weight?


How much water should I drink before class?


I have bad knees. Will I be able to do Bikram Yoga?


What if I can’t do the postures?


What if I can’t take the heat?


Can I come every day? Or should I take days off between classes?


Why is it important to learn from a Bikram Yoga Certified Instructor?